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The HeartStart Onsite AED features a clear, audible, and natural voice that guides the user through simple step-by-step instructions. The voice instructions are fashioned to be detailed enough for a novice user without being overly technical or confusing. In fact, the AED is so intuitive that it can identify if a step is accidentally skipped and can re-word the command in a different manner and ask the user to perform it again. An SCA scene can be chaotic; the HeartStart Onsite makes it easier for a layperson to respond in a crisis.


  • 1 Philips HeartStart OnSite AED
  • 1 Adult Pad Cartridges: Used on adults
  • 1 HeartStart Onsite AED Battery
  • 1 Slim Carry Case: Semi-rigid carrying case with a status indicator window


Carrying Case
  • Slim Carry Case - Semi-rigid carrying case with a status indicator window. (Photo Number 4)
  • Standard Carry Case - The case comes equipped with a pair of paramedic scissors and can accommodate one spare pad cartridge and a spare battery pack. (Photo Number 5)
  • Plastic Waterproof Shell Carry Case - Waterproof carrying case made of hard-shell plastic is suited for more rigorous use, particularly in wet outdoor settings. It can also accommodate a spare battery, spare pads, and the contents of the Fast Response Kit. (Photo Number 6)

AED 365 Compliance Management (Basic v Pro)

  • State and local laws as well as AED manufacturer requirements can make achieving compliance difficult to navigate. Failing to comply with these AED laws and regulations means increased liability for your organization. Let AED365 help bring your AED program into compliance + readiness. Track Battery and Pad expirations with ease and conduct monthly inspections with IOS App. For more information, go to
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